Images - Exilva in Corrugated Packaging

Images related to the press release of September 10th, from Borregaard and Glomma Papp, "New sustainable glue in corrugated packaging". 

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Title for all images: Production of corrugated cardboard at Glomma Papp, using Exilva Microfibrillated Cellulose from Borregaard as an additive in the glue.


Senior Scientist Synnøve Holtan from Borregaard and Corrugator Supervisor Jan Berg from Glomma Papp discussing results.


Measure of viscosity properties of glue with Exilva added.


Glue with Exilva being applied at Glomma Papp.


Jan Berg, Corrugator Supervisor at Glomma Papp showing a product container for Exilva, produced by Glomma Papp with Exilva.


Jan Berg showing the strong glue properties produced by Exilva. No delamination issues.


Exilva Compact Tube. 2 x 9 kg Exilva V-grade compact tubes with product packaging produced by Glomma Papp with Exilva in the corrugated board adhesive.


Exilva Microfibrillated Cellulose from Borregaard.

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