H2020 Exilva Project Final Event



Mr. Philippe Mengal

Executive Director,BBI JU

Mr. Mengal is the legal representative of the BBI JU. He is the chief executive responsible for the day-to-day management of the BBI JU in accordance with the decisions of the Governing Board.



Mr. Dirk Carrez

Executive Director, BIC

Dirk Carrez is the Executive Director of BIC. He is Bioengineer and holds a PhD in Agricultural Sciences. Dirk is a member of the EC Expert Group for Bio-based products and member the Advisory Board of several European projects.


Dr. Hans Henrik Øvrebø

CTO, Borregaard

Dr. Øvrebø holds a Dr. Scient. In organic chemistry from the University of Bergen. Dr. Øvrebø is the Chief Technology Officer for the Exilva project and has held various positions within the Borregaard group, working in both the fine chemistry division as well as the ChemCell division.


Prof. Lars Berglund

Professor, KTH

Mr. Berglund is professor at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden. He is interested in nanocellulose and biocomposites. He is the director of Wallenberg Wood Science Center (wwsc.se).

Jarle Wikeby

Mr. Jarle Wikeby

Sr. Project Director, Borregaard

Mr. Wikeby the Exilva coordinator, is a Senior project director at Borregaard since 2012. He has been working in the company since 1987 and has extensive experience of large industrial project at Borregaard. 

Manolis Karagiannidis

Mr. Manolis Karagiannidis

Research Engineer, CHIMAR

Mr. Karagiannidis works in resin synthesis and in resin application in the production of wood panels. Experience in lab, pilot and industrial experiments, lab testing and analysis, in bio-based resin synthesis and application. Co-author in scientific publications/presentations. 


Mr. Pål Romberg

Exec. Vice President, Borregaard

Pål Romberg has worked with Microfibrillated cellulose at Borregaard since 2015, and has held various positions within the company since 1994.


Dr. Roland Kádár

Associate Professor, Chalmers

Roland is Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden. His research is mainly focused in the general area of Dynamics of Complex Fluids with particular applications to the Rheology and Processing of Soft Matter. Roland is also principal investigator in the Wallenberg Wood Science Center.


Dr. Gustav Nyström

Head of lab, Empa

Gustav Nyström is head of the Cellulose & Wood Materials laboratory at Empa and a Lecturer at ETH Zurich. He has a PhD in Engineering Physics and his research aims to develop new active, renewable and highly functional biomaterials using cellulose and wood as material resources.



Prof. Kristin Syverud

Research Manager, RISE

Kristin Syverud is research manager at RISE PFI and Lead scientist of the focus area Nanocellulose and Carbohydrate Polymers. She is also part time professor at NTNU. Her main interests are within production, characterization, chemical modification and applications of nanocellulose. She has initiated and managed several national and international projects within the area of nanocelluloses and related cellulose-based materials.


Dr. Daniel Söderberg

Director Treesearch, KTH

Dr. Söderberg holds a PhD in Fluid Mechanics from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, Sweden. He is employed at KTH as director of the national research platform Treesearch, which is aiming at supporting and expanding research and development of materials from Swedish forest resources. His research is related to multiphase flows, specifically in connection to processes related to the manufacturing of forest-based materials, and is active within the Wallenberg Wood Science Center.

@soderbergd | @treesearch_se


Prof. Alain Dufresne

Professor, Pagora Grenoble

Alain Dufresne is currently Professor of The International School of Paper, Print Media and Biomaterials (Pagora) at Grenoble Institute of Technology, Grenoble, France. Prof. Dufresne is an expert on polysaccharide nanofibrils and nanocrystals (cellulose, chitin, starch), on processing and characterization of nanocomposites based on renewable resources and on valorization of the biomass.


Mr. Stein Lund

Purchasing Manager, Glomma Papp



Mr. Pavel Misiga

Head of Eco-Innovation Unit, European Commission

Pavel worked as an environmental consultant and later as a senior official at the Ministry of Environment in his home country Slovakia. During the last decade he has led teams working on Sustainable Production and Consumption, Resource Efficiency, Circular Economy and Water policies. He is currently the head of Eco-innovation Unit in Directorate General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission.


Mrs. Ingunn Saur Modahl

Sr. Research Scientist, Ostfold Research

Ingunn graduated in 1992 with an M.Sc. in mechanical engineering from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Her work at Ostfold Research is connected to environmental optimising of resources in production and services, with a special focus on energy. She is involved with projects on waste resources, biogas, biorefineries and water footprinting of hydropower.


Mrs. Emma Balayre

Moderator, Ayming

Emma is specialised in collaborative European projects and has a solid experience and expertise in European project setting up since more than 20 years. Emma is also an external evaluator for the European Commission within the area of Nanotechnologies and many more.

the agenda

From idea to commercialization. Here's the story.
Moderated by Emma Balayre.
08:30 Registration and Coffee

Block I

Exilva: Flagship demonstration of an integrated plant towards large scale supply and market assessment of MFC

09:00 Welcome and introduction Jarle Wikeby (Borregaard)
09:10 Role of Exilva in the global climate change strategy Pål Romberg (Borregaard) , Philippe Mengal (BBI)
09:45 What is the Exilva Project? Hans Henrik Øvrebø (Borregaard)
10:40 Sustainability and Assessment of Exilva Ingunn Saur Modahl (Ostfold Research)
11:00 Coffee break

Block II

Market challenges and customers feedback

11:30 Introduction: Challenges entering new markets with new technologies Hans Henrik Øvrebø (Borregaard)
11:45 Challenges and learning from shifting to/using the Exilva technology in different systems Manolis Karagiannidis (CHIMAR), Stein Lund (Glomma Papp)
12:45 Lunch break

Block III

Technical characterization

14:15 Characteristics of MFC as a technical product Lars Berglund (KTH), Customer

Block IV

Panel discussion

14:45 From idea to full commercial stage; facing the environmental challenge, transforming the global bio-based field Philippe Mengal (BBI), Dirk Carrez (BIC), Pål Romberg (Borregaard), Lars Berglund (KTH), Pavel Misiga (European Commission).
Moderated by Emma Balayre (Ayming).
15:30 Conclusion and wrap-up Borregaard / BBI
15:45 Coffee break

Block V

Developing MFC technology through targeted engineering science research.

16:15 New research ideas for industrial needs Lars Berglund (KTH)
16:25 BBI program overview - H2020 and Horizon Europe Pavel Misiga (European Commission)
16:45 Pitch: Research questions for industrial MFC Kristin Syverud (PFI), Alain Dufresne (Pagora Grenoble), Roland Kadar (Chalmers), Gustav Nyström (EMPA)
17:25 Industrial research needs: Introduction to the discussion Hans Henrik Øvrebø (Borregaard)
17:45 Panel discussion: Synergetic industry - academia projects for MFC development Daniel Söderberg (KTH), Hans Henrik Øvrebø (Borregaard), Kristin Syverud (PFI), Alain Dufresne (Pagora Grenoble), Roland Kadar (Chalmers), Gustav Nyström (EMPA). Moderated by Lars Berglund.
18:15 Meet & Greet Cocktails and mingles

the venue

Les Ateliers des Tanneurs
Room: Halle Vitrée & Salons

Rue des Tanneurs 58-62
1000 Brussels

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We are sorry to inform you that because of COVID-19, the originally scheduled H2020 Exilva Project Final Event is cancelled.

We will summarize the project on our digital platforms.


European project funded by the Bio Based Industries Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation program under grant agreement No 709746.
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